We give seasonal resident homeowners pEAce of mind knowing that someone is watching their home when they are away.

We take care of the things you can’t.

Unoccupied Homes are vulnerable

Southwest Florida is beautiful, but our subtropical weather can cause significant damages to our homes, especially if something breaks or stops working inside your home.

Unchecked roof and plumbing leaks or AC systems that stop working can cause significant structural damage as well as microbial growth, leading to mildew or mold.

Summers are Rainy and Windy

The summers here can be extremely rainy and windy. If your roof develops a leak, how would you know? What about a plumbing leak?

Weather routinely causes intermittent power outages which can cause the AC settings to change, or trip a circuit breaker.  If your AC isn’t running, your house is primed for microbial growth, mildew or mold.

Welcome to the Lightning Capital of the World

Southwest Florida is the lighting capital of the world. And most of it takes place in the summer.

Did you know the house doesn’t need to take a direct hit to cause significant damage? You could loose your AC System, or any number of appliances. It could also casue wiring damage that could eventually lead to a fire.